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What makes those beneLIGNI wooden dildos so very special?
The figures are never turned on a lathe, mill or grinder. The effort to produce is enormously increased and the process requires a lot of pure manual labor. A lot of time, energy, love and care flows into each wooden figure. You can feel this quality in each one of it! The wooden dildos are also an absolutely commendable alternative to plastic dildos. Those can contain dangerous plasticizers or can get brittled and cracked. The wood takes over the warmth of the body temperature and provides a fantastic natural effect. Quality made in Germany/Saxony.

Is there any risk to collect splinters?
No, of course not! The wood was stored before the manufacturing process for a long relaxation time. When it comes to processing, it is perfectly dry. It therefore does not move itself like fresh wood. After the intensive sanding and painting it gets a silken, smooth surface that permanently seals the wood and surely prevents the release of splinters.

Is the paint harmful?
No. The surface is sealed with a hard-wax oil. This is based on natural raw materials. After curing (absolute setting time about 8-10 days), it is safe for humans, animals and plants, according to DIN EN 71 / 3. This varnish is also used for children's toys and resistant against saliva and sweat. The wooden figures are supplied, for absolute certainty, only after twelve days of hardening!

How do I use the toys?
The best way is to use them always with water-based lubricants. And never use force! Always check the wooden figures for damages before using.

How do I clean the wooden dildos?
For hygienic reasons, ideally clean it immediately after use. Just rinse under running water by hand. Of course, you can also use a mild soap or sex toy disinfectants. When needed, dry it with a clean cotton cloth.

Do I need to maintain the wood pieces?
No, except for the hygienic cleaning, it requires no special care. Avoid exposure to strong temperature fluctuations. Do not store the timber at  wet or dry locations for a longer time! The wooden figures must not be permanently exposed to the sunlight! Avoid contact with scratchy, abrasive and rough objects. Do not use the toys improperly!

Special designs are possible?
Yes, absolutely! Send me your ideas or sketches of the design. I check out the feasibility and offer you my creativity to jointly achieve a perfect result.

How long does it take to be manufactured?
30 days from receipt of payment.

When will you dispatch the goods?
30 days from receipt of payment, at the next possible business day.

How much is the shipping charge?
The shipping for all products is free in Germany. Shipping costs to other countries will be checked.

Is the shipment insured?
Yes, the shipping of each package is insured.

Are the goods deliviered in a neutral packaging?
Yes, there is only "bene" as sender information on the package.

Is my data protected?
Yes! Your data will be kept strictly confidential and will never be disclosed to any third parties.

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